The Surrey Butchers Pet Food

As well as having peace of mind that you are feeding your dog 100% raw meat with no additives there are many benefits to your dog too. You will notice that their energy levels should improve as well as having a healthier, glossier coat. Their digestive system will also say a big thank you as you'll notice their rear end is nicer too!!

In addition to the complete raw dog food and chicken mince we also do bones.

Item Price
Chicken Mince – 500 g £1.50 or
2 for £2.50 (1 kg)
Complete Raw Dog Food – 500 g (Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Offal & Pork) £2.00 or
2 for £3.50 (1 kg)
Beef Knuckle Bones £1.00 each
Beef Marrowbone £1.99 per kg
Chicken Bones £1.19 per kg

Defrost before use

The Surrey Butchers
The Surrey Butchers