Our Specials

New BBQ Packs

For 2 people Price
2 7oz burgers
4 sausages
2 marinated chicken kebabs
2 marinated lamb kebabs
2 meaty ribs
6 chicken wings
For 4 people - Family Pack Price
4 burgers
4 sausages
4 marinated lamb kebabs
4 marinated chicken kebabs
4 meaty ribs
8 chicken wings

Our specials are what make
Surrey Butchers SO special!

We've won awards for our Godalming Sausage!

Butchers across the country would love to know our recipe!

If you've not tried our very special Godalming Sausage
be sure to pop in to the shop to try some for yourself.
Made from the very best locally-sourced pork
to our own closely-guarded recipe.

Mince so lean it just has to be a Surrey Butchers special!

Our mince steak is second to none for quality and flavour.

Reared in the Surrey Hills this local beef will provide the perfect mince to impress - whether you're making burgers for the BBQ, a homely cottage pie or a bolognese to really wow your dinner guests.

Gorgeous spring lamb from The Surrey Butchers!

100% delicious!

Our spring lambs are reared on the beautiful South Downs and graze the way generations of local sheep farmers traditionally prefer. Free-roaming on rolling hills helping to maintain this ancient Bronze Age landscape.